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Upcoming Sewing/Crochet Projects :3

Upcoming Sewing/Crochet Projects :3

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So heres a little list of all the little things I'll be up to Sewing and Crochet wise!

First up : Finish my 5 skirt challenge COMPLETED!
Basic Kurololi skirt
Red Tartan Skirt
Ruffle Kurololi Skirt
Navy Sailor Bustle Skirt
Sorta-Sweet Side Bustle Gingham Skirt
Update 2011: Up to now I've sold two of these (The Tartan and the Sailor one), my style changed a lot since then. The "Ruffle Kurololi" Skirt was a dud, and I semi-deconstructed it. I might sell my Gingham Side Bustle skirt too possibly, in the future. 

Dark Red Velveteen JSK
EPIC Brown Toile Classic Lolita Back Bustle JSK
Mint Side Bustle JSK
Black Cotton Old School Gothic OP
Virgin Mary JSK w/ Black Velveteen Bodice
Summer Floral OP
Classic-Sweet Lavender JSK with White Lace
Classic-Sweet Rosy Pink JSK with Antique White Lace
Emerald Green Velveteen OP w/ White lace
Gobelin Tapestry Fabric Underbust JSK  w/ Dark Brown Corduroy or Velveteen Bodice
Bordeaux/Wine Red JSK
Black Bustle Back JSK with gold trim

Basic Black Gothic Headdress (Circle)
Black Veil and Rose Headdress (Circle)
Antique White Headdress (Circle)
Feather and Lace Fascinator 
Long Cascading Veil Headdresses (Black and White)
Black Half Bonnet
Brown Half Bonnet
Ivory/Floral Half Bonnet

GLB Millefleurs Crepe Georgette Blouse
Ivory Blouse w/ detachable sleeves and stand collar


High Waist Blue Taffeta Hike-up Bustle Corset Skirt
Cage Skirt (from design)
Floral Toile Panel Side Bustle Skirt

Bolero and Jacket
Black Gothic Bolero
Wine Red Bolero with Tulle lace
White Elegant Bolero
Dusty Pink Bolero
Red Velveteen Peplum Jacket with Gold Accents + Simple Ruffle Skirt *SET*

EGA Mermaid Skirt
EGA Corsetted Ruffle and Lace Skirt
Jabots (Black, White, and Ivory)
High Waist Prince Pants
Black Velveteen Peplum Jacket and Cotton Sateen or Jacquard Waistcoat *SET*

Natural Kei/Morigirl
Past the Knee Long Cotton 3 Tiered Skirt
Eyelet lace trimmed underskirts (Off white, one long one short)
Long Bloomers (antique white)
Crocheted Headdresses with side flowers
Crocheted Cardigans
Cotton Apron with Doily Patch
Natural Cotton Onepiece Dress

Bloomers! (Black and White)
Organdie Petticoat or Fabric/Net Petticoat
Ivory Victorian Nightdress
Tie Bows for blouses (black, pink, ivory)
Candy Bon-bon hairclips
Casual Printed Jumper Dresses

To Make and Sell
High Waist Toile Bustle skirt with overlay lace and underskirt
Burgundy Velveteen High Waist Corset Skirt with Hem ruffle, Beading Lace and Black lace Overlay
Taffeta Overskirts (Red, Black, Ivory, Green, Blue)

Commission List (tentative)
Katy : Classic OP
Lexie: Lavender JSK
Carolyn : Sweet OP
Kim : Mint JSK
Noelle : Forest Green Taffeta Bustle Skirt w/ Underskirt
Susan : JSK

If you are interested in a commission for the future, feel free to comment on this post and you'll be put in line~

Currently not taking commissions, I'm going to stick to ready made garments for a bit. Either I will sell them on etsy or the egl_comm_sales. Once I have things organized I will probably make a new public entry with all the information in regards to my sales on here, and on my sewing blog http://dixmacabre.blogspot.com/


Wish me luck! And give me some more ideas if you wanna, I'd apprieciate it!

I'll be hopefully updating this post regularly, adding links and such, so keep posted!
  • Wow, such a long list!
    Here are some metal hair combs on ebay. I hate plastic hair combs, they look so ghastly and cheap!


    • I know right! I'm in for a crazy end to the year, but I can't wait to do it all so I'll feel acomplished 8D and in the end, I'll have a pretty well-set lolita wardrobe (but for now I still have to buy blouses and bloomers, and I've already made a petti but I might buy another inexpensive one)

      yes, the first headdress I made has plastic and it looks so ugly D; I want to do tie strings on a few, but there still has to be some sort of comb there. Thanks so much for the links!
    • oh and another thing, do you think its possible to split those combs into say...about 3 pieces? They look a bit wide :/ I;m guessing some sort of metal cutting tool? II have no idea though. It should be possible?
      • You're welcome.
        I think it would be easy to cut the combs into smaller sections! Even a pair of jewellery/beading pliers would do the trick :)
  • (no subject) - mewwji
    • oh yes alot, but I have a good dtart :D and thanks! Oh yes, you'll definetly be seeing them!
  • Awesome! Yes keep us posted- I think it is very interesting to see design sketches and the way to a ready garment
  • Commission? (Also, Rose Border fabric)


    I was wondering if you were open to do a commission at this time. Thank you!

    Also, I saw on your wishlist that you wanted the IW Rococo Rose Border JSK. You might have already seen this, but the fabric for that JSK (or at least one with an identical print) is available here:
    • Re: Commission? (Also, Rose Border fabric)

      Oh I'm sorry, I'm currently not open for commissions, as of late I've been sticking to making ready made garments to sell. (Though I may decide to make a few exceptions, just not at the moment)

      The size range for my ready made garments are around brand sizing, depending ont he design. I currently don't have anything up for sale though, but I should hopefully sometime in the Fall (possibly October).

      Oh and thanks for the link! Unfortunately one can't really buy directly from the quilt gate site (they only sell to wholesalers), I'm hoping the fabric shows up on www.shabbyfabrics.com, since they sell a lot of the Mary Rose collection fabrics (and I've bought a lot from there)

      Thanks a lot for your interest though! If you want to see garments as I make them, check out my blog http://dixmacabre.blogspot.com/ When I make things for sale I post them up there too.
    • Re: Commission? (Also, Rose Border fabric)

      Oh and to add, this post is a little out of date, I should probably update the commissions section, I forgot I had wrote all of that there!

      There is a chance I could open up, just not for a bit of awhile. I'm finishing up a commission now, and I've had a couple other people ask. :)
      • Re: Commission? (Also, Rose Border fabric)

        Alright, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

        Ah, I thought that might be the case when I couldn't find information about buying smaller amounts of the fabric. I do hope they make it available- I own the JSK, and it's just head-over-heels gorgeous in person.

        Thanks for the link! I actually decided to ask you because I'd seen what you've posted on your blog and thought that your pieces look amazing.
        • Re: Commission? (Also, Rose Border fabric)

          No problem :)

          Stalk Shabby, I certainly do, haha! I even put myself on their email mailing list, I recommend it! (By the way, for future, I take a percentage off the commission price if the buyer orders the fabric and has it sent to me, I think Shabby Fabrics will be my primary fabric provider for awhile.)

          And thank you very much, I'm glad you like what I've made <3 It always makes me happy to hear people say so :D
          • Re: Commission? (Also, Rose Border fabric)

            I actually just discovered that site yesterday, which is what made me want to commission a dress. The gorgeous prints were so inspiring, and I was all psyched to make myself something, until I remembered that I can't sew to save my life. :P The only reason I passed my required sewing class in high school was because the teacher took pity on my and re-did about half of the dress I made.
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